Get Involved

We invite Business and Tech Professionals to participate as presenters, mentors, or facilitators.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to

Regarding presenters, we need a total of three (3) presenters/presentations for technology development workshops, including:

  • One (1) for Introduction to Powering Electronics

  • One (1) for Introduction to Sensors & Actuators

  • One (1) for Introduction to Embedded programming (Arduino prototyping)

Note: participants will be offered workshops in two subject areas: Business Development and Technology Development. Participants will be sent recordings of the workshops.

Workshops will be pre-recorded. Presenters just need to send in the recording of their presentations before July 21st. They will then be made available to participants on youtube. The maximum duration of each workshop should be two hours total though when it extends 30 minutes we encourage presenters to split the workshop into smaller video chunks to facilitate viewer focus.

When making the recordings of their presentations, presenters can record the video on their own using zoom, or we can assist with the recording process upon request.

Another option, presenters can record their video through, download it, and then send it to us. Loom is a platform where you can record and share the video of your screen, cam, or both. It is free to use on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.

Regarding mentors, we need three (3) mentors for the Business Development and three (3) mentors for the Technology Development.

Note: Each mentor will coach two teams in two 45-minute sessions (totaling 1.5 hours per team and 3 hours per mentor) between July 29th- August 10th. And then one final session between August 11th-12th where teams will be able to practice their elevator pitch with both of their mentors.

Mentorship sessions will be available to help participants put together a business plan, solve technological issues related to their projects, and prepare the final pitch.

There will be two types of mentors - Business Mentor and Technological Mentor.

Business Mentors will help participants understand how market validation could be done, how the business plan could be improved, and how the teams could show financial indicators of their projects as well as help them prepare the final pitch.

Technology Mentors will help the participants understand the interfaces between technologies (both in terms of hardware and/or software) and evaluate whether specific technologies are suitable for the proposed application as well as help them prepare the final pitch.

Mentors and their teams will coordinate specific times for these sessions to fit their individual schedules. The Organizing Committee will introduce the teams and their mentors by July 29th. Just to be clear, mentors will not be responsible for any presentations.

Regarding facilitators, we need six (6) facilitators:

Facilitators, along with the current organizers, will attend and support the entire event on August 13rd & 14th, providing tech and staff support in various ways including:

Masters of Ceremony (MC) - to facilitate the agenda of the event.

Tech Support 1 - to admit people to the zoom meeting and take screenshots when directed by the MC.

Tech Support 2 - to play welcome slides and intro music.

Tech Support 3 - to create Breakout Rooms.

Chat Moderator 1 - to identify questions from the audience and bring them to the speaker’s attention.

Chat Moderador 2 - to provide information and links for the audience in the chat.