Mentorship Sessions

Mentorship sessions will be available to help participants put together their business plan, solve technological issues related to their projects and prepare the final pitch.

There will be two types of mentors, Business Mentor and Technological Mentor.

  1. Business Mentors will help participants understand how market validation could be done, how the business plan could be improved, and how the teams could show financial indicators of their projects.

  2. Technology mentors will help the participants understand the interfaces between technologies (both in terms of hardware and/or software) and evaluate whether specific technologies are suitable for the proposed application.

Each mentor will coach teams in two 45-minute sessions between July 29 & August 12.

Mentors and their teams will coordinate specific times for these sessions to fit their own schedules.

The Organizing Committee will introduce the teams and their mentors by July 29.


Workshops will be offered to participants in two lines: Business Development and Technology Development. These workshops will be prerecorded and sent to participants who registered.

Business Development Workshops

Design Thinking

Participants will learn a non-linear, iterative process that Tech Industry use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Social Innovation: Idea, Iteration, Impact

Participants will learn a methodology for developing businesses and products that aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable.

Introduction to Marketing

The participants will learn how to understand the demographics of a target market, what different platforms and types of marketing can be done, along with general good practices. Market validation tools will be addressed as well.

Introduction to Business Finance

Participants will learn to determine how much will cost to create and maintain their business and take decisions based on quantitative finance data.

Technology Development Workshops

Powering Electronics

Participants will learn how to read a battery datasheet and calculate battery lifetime.

Sensors & Actuators

Participants will explore general Sensor / Actuator technology for different physical variables, such as temperature, position, angle, speed, force and light, among others.

Introduction to Embedded programming (Arduino prototyping)

Participants will get a general idea of how to use an Arduino.

Introduction to digital design and 3D printing

Participants will get a general idea of how to design with Tinkercad. Also, what is and how 3D printing works.